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Quests in Mirari Mainland

Name Reward Level
Mirari Underground I Boots of Haste & 10,000 Gold -
Mirari Underground II Demon Shield, Golden Armor, Giant Sword & Modified Crossbow 50
Hero Quest Crown Armor, Crown Legs & Crown Shield -
Dragons Lair Fire Axe 60
Necromancer Quest Skull Staff & Blue Robe 60
Hydra's Lair I Royal Helmet -
Warlock Quest Giant Sword, Vampire Shield, & Dragon Lance -
Southern Mirari Demon Armor 70
Pits of Inferno Avenger, Mirari Staff & Chain Bolter 85
Demonica I Horned Helmet 85
Demonica II Infernal Bolt 85
Demonica III Great Shield 85
Demon Helmet Quest Demon Helmet & Steel Boots 100
Annihilator SCA, SoV, Thunder Hammer or Master Archer's Armor 100
Lacunea Quest I Silkweaver Bow 125
Lacunea Quest II Shivan Staff 125
Hydra's Lair II Terra Shield 150
Medusa's Lair Terra Sword, Terra Axe, & Terra Mace 150
Urza's Tower Choose 1: Golden Crossbow, Phyrexian Armor or Diamond Staff 200
Hydra's Lair III Shivan Witchcraft 225
The Temple of Shadows Choose 1: Energized War Axe, Energized Cranial Basher, Energized Relic Sword, Flash Arrow, Shadow Staff 250
Lord of the Elements Choose 2: Warlord Sword, Obsidian Truncheon, Great Axe, Warsinger Bow, Zaoan Legs or Dragon Scale Boots 300
The Star Tower Golden Helmet 777

Quests in Arsina, Llanowar, & Viridia:

Name Reward Level
Viridia Forest Frozen Starlight -
Arsino, Master Wizard Demon Legs 100
Ghazbaran Magic Plate Boots 100
Barbarian Fortress Backpack of Holding 100
Ignis, Arsina Magma Armor 125
The Thran Ironworker 150
Viridian Forest Telperiens Fist 180
Phyrexia Phyrexian Shield 200
Juggernaut Mountain Firewalker Boots 200
Crystal Hills Shiver Shield, Shiver Arrow 200
The Thran II The Devileye & Black Magic Spellbook 235
Ghastly Dragons Choose 2: Voltage Armor, Ghastly Armor, & Plasma Shield 250
Archdemon Hell Blessed Staff & Winged Helmet 300
Deeper Archdemon Hell Warlord Sword or Golden Robe 400
The Lizard Fortress Snake Gods Wristguard and Shield of Corruption 500
The Elvish Kingdom Choose 2: Golden Scale Mail, Golden Mace, Golden Axe, Golden Sceptre, Master Archers Bow & Demonscale Boots 550
Mishras Library Mind Control Sceptre or Magic Elemental Bow 600
Hall of the Dark Trinity Dark Trinity Sceptre or Molten Plate 666